Elk and Caribou



Both members of the deer family Cervidae, elk and caribou are two different animals beloved by anyone who loves the wild.



A majestic species easily recognized in the wild, elk are also known as “wapiti.”  Their scientific name is Cervus canadensis. Elk are one of the largest species in the deer family.



Caribou is more well-known in the Americas as the reindeer. A species of deer especially adapted for colder climates, caribou have large antlers and thick fur.


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Spotlight on Outdoor Rugs


Everyone likes to spend time outdoors when it’s pretty, but sometimes the conditions are not ideal.  If you have a patio or deck, sometimes it’s nice to have an outdoor-friendly area rug to soften the ground underfoot and make the outdoors feel a bit more like the cozy indoors.


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Our collection of outdoor area rugs brings nature-inspired decor to your lawn, deck, patio, dock, or boat. Designed specifically for outdoor use, the rugs in this collection are hand selected by Wildlife Wonders.  These rugs are UV-stabilized to resist fading in sunlight and work well both indoors and outdoors.  Browse the full selection of indoor-outdoor rugs here: https://wildlifewonders.com/outdoor-area-rugs

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Brand Spotlight: Metal Arts Group

Fans of traditional Native American art will fall in love with the unique designs of Metal Arts Jewelry.  A company dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of North Western Native American tribal art, Metal Arts Group pieces are proudly made in the USA.


Inspired by nature’s design, our unique collection of jewelry from Metal Arts Group includes the work of wildlife artists Jody Bergsma, Barry Burger, Sue Coccia, Judie Frisbie, Kayla Shadow, and more.


In 1895, jeweler and entrepreneur Joseph Mayer sailed from Europe to New York Harbor to build a new life in the United States. An adventurer at heart, he first journeyed to Seattle, WA, at the cusp of the Great Klondike. He struck gold and soon built one of the finest and largest jewelry companies in the United States. Though the company name has since changed from Joseph Mayer & Bros. Inc. to Metal Arts Group, Joseph Mayer’s inspiring legacy leaves a lasting mark on the American Jewelry Industry.


Metal Arts Group Jewelry is designed in the USA by remarkable artists with the goal of appealing to a wide range of tastes and cultures.  With contemporary flair from Celtic and Quilt patterns combined with western and Northwest Coast Native American work, this collection is sure to please.




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