The Life Cycle of Frogs

Frogs begin their lives as eggs in the water which hatch to become swimming tadpoles. Tadpoles have gills and are able to swim and breathe underwater. They aren’t able to survive on land until they develop fully into frogs. 1214t__20626.1444646231

Once fully developed, frogs are agile and energetic creatures, with powerful back legs that can launch their bodies high into the air to escape predators and catch prey.  Though they can survive outside of water, they still need to remain close to water to drink and keep cool.


Frogs typically eat a carnivorous diet consisting of small invertebrates (creepy-crawlies), but some frogs do eat berries and other small fruits.


Fun Frog Facts:

A group of frogs is called an army.

One way to tell the difference between a male and female frog is by looking at the size of their ears. A female frog has smaller ears than a male frog.

Many frogs hibernate in the wintertime.


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Wildlife of California

One of the most beloved states in America, California is home to a number of nature parks and a broad range of wildlife. Let’s take some time to explore a few of the more interesting creatures that still roam California…


Butterflies are wildly popular in the moderate climate of California, and butterfly-lovers can find the Anise Swallowtail, the popular Monarch, the Painted Lady, the Umber Skipper, the Fiery Skipper, and more frolicking among the blossoms of southern half of the state. All of the above are native to the state of California.


Another Cali native popular around the rest of the world is the largemouth bass fish. California is also home to a range of snakes, skinks, salamanders, and lizards.


The desert cottontail, a small, brown rabbit native to California, is found throughout the U.S. and into Mexico.


In the realm of larger predators, the wild coyote is also a California native, and is often spotted around the outskirts of neighborhoods surrounded by forest or plains. Stealthy and persistent, the coyote is an expert at surviving nearly undetected among people and urban settlement.


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Flamingos: Weird and Wonderful Birds


Known for their bold pink plumage and long, black legs, flamingos are a popular tourist attraction in Florida as well as a common sight in tropical regions. There are only four species of these unique wading birds found in the Americas, and only six known species of flamingos in the world.


With their strange looks and otherworldly coloring, it’s no wonder why flamingos have appeared in a range of paintings, drawings, and sculptures for centuries. Artists gravitate toward the smooth, long lines and bold color of this particular bird.


At Wildlife Wonders, we’ve collected a variety of stunning flamingo paintings as well as other unique flamingo-themed decor pieces and practical household items to display your love for the tropical bird. Click any of the images above to see specific items, or browse our full bird collection here:


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