What’s Your Favorite Butterfly?

Nature enthusiasts, bug-lovers, and lovers of light and color all adore the myriad forms of the butterfly.  Often seen alighting on flowers and grasses, the butterfly and its image have come to mean many different things to many different people.


In some cultures, the butterfly is celebrated as a symbol of transformation, patience, and love. In American culture, the butterfly is often depicted as an image of the coming spring, representing new life and change.


Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: each beautiful, winged butterfly begins life as a lowly caterpillar. From the beautiful, polka-dotted Red Pierrot to the iridescent, bold Blue Morpho, these magnificent creatures are proof of transformative miracles and the incredible, complex beauty of nature.



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Panda Bears


Though farming, forest clearing, and other industrial development has chased Giant Panda populations deeper and deeper into the mountains, these large, gentle bears still graze in mountainous regions of central China.


The giant panda is about the same size as the average American Black Bear. They dine almost exclusively on bamboo, which means hours and hours of chewing the reedy stalks in order to get enough nutrition to survive. Pandas also get a majority of the water in their diet from the broken-down bamboo stalks, which contain large amounts of water.


Typically solitary creatures, the Giant Panda lives and cares for offspring for up to three years in the wild. 


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Botanical Art

Collectors of botanical art have been inspired by nature’s beauty for centuries.

flower 1 flower 23

From early 17th and 18th century botanical artists like Maria Sibylla Merian and George Ehret to modern-day artists like jeweler Michael Michaud and painter Georgia O’Keeffe, the world of flowers, plants, and seeds has captured the imagination of the beholder and led to the production of incredible works of nature-themed art.

flower 2flower11


At Wildlife Wonders, we have collected a range of floral home decor products, nature and flower-themed art, prints, and objects, as well as crystal sculptures and home goods all dedicated to the beauty of flowers. Click the image links above to explore individual products, or browse our full floral collection here: https://wildlifewonders.com/flower-gifts/

flower 3 flower 4


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