Artist Spotlight: Anisa Stewart


An old favorite here at Wildlife Wonders and a popular jewelry brand, jeweler and artist Anisa Stewart has been crafting marine-themed pendants, bracelets, and more for over a decade. Inspired by the ocean and its diverse inhabitants, Anisa was born and raised in Southern Florida, and the flowing lines and unique spirit of her sea life jewelry pieces reveal her strong love for each creature she replicates.


A true artist, Anisa Stewart’s remarkable jewelry is handmade using the lost wax casting method, and incorporates elements or leather, bronze, sterling silver, and gold.  See more of Anisa’s work here:



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The History and Myth of White Horses


Throughout history, in many different religions, cultures, arts, and regions, the image of the white horse has played an important symbolic role.  White horses are associated with warrior strength, fertility, peace, hope, and royalty, among other ideals.


From early depictions of white winged horses to Biblical descriptions of white horses bringing the apocalypse in the Book of Revelation, ideas of purity, sacred power, and strength are repeatedly conveyed via white horses.



Kanthaka, a famed and favorite of Prince Siddhartha, was a white horse.  In an old Korean myth, during the Kingdom of Silla, a white horse was said to have emerged from a bolt of lightning and bowed to a shining egg, announcing an answer to the people’s prayer for a king.



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Famous Trees: Part 1

With a much longer lifespan than the average human, some very old, magnificent trees function as not only landmarks and living works of art, but as reminders of our own short life spans.  Certain celebrity trees around the world have developed a broad reputation for their age, size, shape or general beauty. This blog post takes a moment to pay homage to some of these stunning and wondrous living things that share this world with us.


A southern live oak or Quercus virginiana living in Jacksonville, Florida has been estimated to be around 250 years old – making this enormous tree the single oldest living thing in the city.  Called the Treaty Oak, this piece of living beauty actually predates the founding of the city of Jacksonville in the 1820s.  Surrounded by what is now a park named after the oak, Treaty Oak can be found at Treaty Oak park in downtown Jacksonville.


United_States_-_California_-_Sequoia_National_Park_-_General_Sherman_Tree_-_Panorama 800px-General_Sherman_tree_looking_up

Named General Sherman after the tenacious American Civil War general William T. Sherman, the giant sequoia pictured above is a Sequoiadendron giganteum located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California. General Sherman is one of the most impressive specimens of perserverance, growth, power, and strength on earth; it is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth (by volume).


*images via Wikipedia

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Did you know that there are only about 200-400 Madagascar Serpent Eagles left in the world? Our biologists, in collaboration with local communities, have worked to increase the amount of protected habitat for this species and others. In June 2015 we were able to officially establish the Bemanevika New Protected Area, 36,515 hectares in northern Madagascar to protect Madagascar Serpent Eagles, Madagascar Pochards, Madagascar Red Owls, and Madagascar Harriers - all threatened birds. Photo Credit: Russell Thorstrom

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