Shark Talk

A popular predatory sea creature that often reminds us of childhood fears and fascinations with the sea, sharks have been in the world’s oceans for over 400 million years.


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Despite common human fear of sharks, it’s actually the sharks that should fear humans, since human beings kill more than 100 million sharks every year. Though thousands of people come into contact with sharks in the shallow waters of beaches around the world, only 30-50 shark attacks are reported on average each year.


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New Dolphin Sanctuary Announced

Good news in the wildlife arena! In a rare, good move for an industry that’s been under heavy scrutiny since the film Blackfish raised questions about marine mammal treatment,  Baltimore’s National Aquarium announced Tuesday it will retire all of its dolphins to a seaside sanctuary by the end of 2020.

986541_1_0614-WDOLPHINS_standard (Image via

As American public opinion changes to incorporate what we know about the remarkable intelligence of marine mammals like dolphins and whales, the National Aquarium’s move to protect dolphins in a safe, more natural habitat sets a precedent for animal care that must and will be followed. According to a recent article, full-time staff will care for the relocated dolphins in the sanctuary, and the dolphins are promised “excellent water quality” and a calm place to retire from their previous lives of captivity and performance.

Read the full story here:

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Creatures of the Deep

We’re all familiar with many of the shallow-water-loving creatures that swim in the world’s vast oceans, close to shore or near the surface of the water. But what about the many fascinating, other-worldly, and often alarmingly unique creatures that exists in the depths of the seas? We’re taking some time in the next few blog posts to spotlight a few of our favorite wild, wonderful deep-sea creatures.

A strange shape in the oceans depths, the frilled shark cuts a menacing silhouette. Considered a “living fossil,” the frilled shark shares many characteristics with creatures that roamed the seas in the time of the dinosaurs. (Image via


Next up is the Giant Spider Crab. Like something out of a horror movie (Arachnophobia, perhaps?), the giant spider crab can sometimes be found in aquariums, but is rarely spotted in the wild as it likes to crawl the depths instead of swim along the shores like other crabs. Considered the largest arthropods on earth, the giant spider crab, native to Japan, can measure up to twelve feet from claw to claw. (Images via Wikipedia.)

Japanese_spider_crab 1024px-Macrocheira_kaempferi


Stay tuned and check back on our blog next week for more fun deep-sea creature facts and discussion!


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