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We have two points of interest to cover on the Wildlife Wonders blog this week. The first is an announcement about another new feature that we are adding, which is PayPal’s Bill Me Later service to the payment options on our checkout page.

And the second is this weeks article on some of the shiniest living things on the planet. While nature is known to produce some dazzling colors, scientists have recently identified the shiniest living thing.

Bill Me Later

Wildlife Wonders has recently implemented PayPal’s Bill Me Later Service. This Service is quite exciting as it allows our customers to make a purchase of $99 or more, and then make interest free payments on the item for the next 6 months. This service is especially beneficial with the Holiday season fast approaching.

In order to participate in this special offer, all you have to do is select the Bill Me Later option during checkout, answer two quick questions to determine eligibility, and once approved look for the Bill Me Later statement in your email.

You can read more about PayPal’s Bill Me Later process, along with all of the official terms and conditions on our Bill Me Later information page, or call into 1-866-528-3733 to find out more.

All That Glitters…

Almost any color you can name, and some you can’t, can be found in the natural world. However, I bet you didn’t know nature can produce living things that are as brilliantly lustrous as something you’d find at a new car dealership.

Pollia condensata

A Pollia Condensata berry

Pollia condensata

The Pollia Condensata plant

Scientists have recently identified the Pollia Condensata as the shiniest living thing on the planet. The amazing thing about these plants is that the color is a structural element of the plant, as opposed to being pigment based. The difference between these two kinds of colorings is that flowers, plants and animals that derive their coloration from pigment will eventually fade and lose their hue (wilting flowers, graying hair, etc.) but plants and animals that derive their color from their cellular structure will remain vivid indefinitely.

This means a sample of the Pollia Condensata will appear shiny decades after it is picked.

Before the Pollia Condensata was identified as the shiniest living thing, the Blue Morpho Butterfly previously held the title. The Morpho Butterfly also derives its color from the way that the individual cells that make up its wings are aligned.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

A Blue Morpho Butterfly


Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly Wall Sculpture

Despite being mesmerizing to look at, the shininess of the Pollia serves to attract animals to the plant, which in turn spread the plant’s seeds. However, the Pollia has one more trick up its sleeve, in that its berries contain almost no nutritional value, just seeds. So while it may look like the tastiest blueberry nature has ever produced, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Blueberry Necklace by Michael Michaud

Blueberry Necklace

As they say, all that glitters is not gold.



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