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Known for its intelligence, ingenuity, and strange physical abilities, the octopus has long been surrounded by a spirit of mystery and awe. It’s no wonder this amazing creature has become a popular emblem for home decor and remained a beloved subject in painting and sculpture.

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A symbol of both magic and reason, will and flexibility, the octopus brings the spirit of the ocean to your home. The Wildlife Wonders Octopus Collection features hand-picked art, home decor, and jewelry embellished or otherwise modeled/inspired by the octopus form and personality.


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Sleepin’ with the Fishes

Do you have a beach-themed living room or a fisherman’s cottage that needs a little decor tune-up? This just in: we’ve got fish pillows!


From exotic, brightly-colored fish-shaped throw pillows to elegant, hand-stitched angler-themed square pillows, our collection of nautical, tropical, and beachy decor pillows will transform your space into the aquarium you always dreamed of!


Click on the links to see individual products, or check out our full collection of fish-themed art and decor here:



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Deep Sea Creatures Continued

A few weeks ago we discussed two of our favorite deep-sea dwelling creatures, the Giant Spider Crab and the Frilled Shark. This week we continue our exploration of the strange beings that roam the depths of our oceans with two more fascinating species found in the deep.

First up are giant tube worms, which thrive in colonies on the ocean floor, where they face freezing temperatures, crushing pressure, and a distinct lack of sunlight. Despite the conditions, these strange creatures have adapted to survive best at the edge of hydrothermal vents, which release super-heated water from even deeper in the earth.  (Image via Wikipedia.)


Next on our list is the darkness-loving Vampire Squid. Its scientific name, Vampyroteuthis infernalis, literally means “vampire squid from hell” – a pretty intense title.  The name Vampire Squid highlights the creature’s love of darkness and its tendency to wrap its webbed tentacles around it’s body like a cloak – like a vampire’s cloak – but the vampire squid also has the largest eyes (proportionately) of any animal on earth. All the better to see you with, my dear…

1 (Image via

Read more about the Vampire Squid here:

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