Continuing Trend: Owl Jewelry


Known for its silent flight and wide-eyed wisdom, the owl has come to be a symbol of education, truth,wisdom, and strategy.


Though sometimes elusive, and silent when playing the role of predator, owls are often identified by their calls that ring into the night.



Wildlife Wonders has a range of beautiful, memorable owl jewelry in line with the current trend of owl charms and baubles. From perched owl sterling silver earrings to unique, Swedish artglass owl pendants, our owl jewelry collection is sure to please the owl-lover in you.

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Browse our full collection of owl-themed gifts, art, jewelry, and home decor items here:


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Horse Galore


Horse-lovers, jockeys, equestrians, and farmers will rejoice at our collection of horse gifts!

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Featuring horse-themed jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and rings!), horse paintings in all different styles, beautiful, lifelike horse sculptures in a range of materials, and horse-inspired home decor objects like blankets, pillows, lamps, and more!

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Whatever your reason for loving horses, our horse collection will have something to please and inspire you! Shopping for the horse-lover in your life?  We’re sure to have the perfect gift in our horse collection.  From wild mustangs to prim thoroughbreds (and every breed in-between), Wildlife Wonders has it!

magical_pinto__05051.1470251326   Untitled__07516.1483548542

Shop the full horse gift collection here:

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Brand Spotlight: Heritage Pewter

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A top brand at Wildlife Wonders, Heritage Pewter makes striking, carefully crafted, pewter-decorated household goods like drinkware, servingware, and pocket knives.

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As specialists in pewter art, each Heritage piece features a detailed emblem inspired by wildlife or nature.


elephant_dof__58305.1445904165       ST4266__84781.1471461418

Heritage has been around since 1988, when Scott and Steven Bailor started Heritage Metalworks. All Heritage pieces are assembled proudly in the United States.

FR3123LG__56031.1469917214  deer_dof__94391.1445902951

Heritage Pewter also makes beautiful wind chimes and memorable photo frames that make excellent gifts. Each decorated with your favorite animal or plant, these pewter-decorated pieces will be treasured for years to come.

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