Brand Spotlight: American Dakota Rugs

Today’s post focuses on top-selling rugs by one of our favorite companies, American Dakota. Perfect for decorating your dream cabin in the woods, these rugs are as sturdy as they are beautiful.

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From a moose with flowers design to more rustic pine cone and black bear designs, the rugs by American Dakota come in a range of shapes, sizes, and patterns – all inspired by nature and wildlife.

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American Dakota rugs are made in the USA and made to order. Each rug features a nature or animal design along with geometric elements that add class and structure to the pattern.  These rugs are fade-resistant, antimicrobial, and commercial-grade tested for heavy foot traffic.

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Click on any of the American Dakota Rug designs above, or browse the entire American Dakota collection here:


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Treehouses and Types of Trees

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Treehouses are, for some, a cherished childhood memory. For others, a treehouse is something longed for but never created.


To most of us, however, the image and idea of a treehouse remains a symbol of the perfect, peaceful getaway.  A way to escape into the canopy, treehouses are a form of privacy and a gateway to another world.


When building the perfect treehouse, the first thing to look for is a strong, sturdy tree with branches that range in height and length and aren’t growing too far apart. The health of the tree is also crucial.


Ideal tree species for treehouse building are oak, beech, maple, ash, cedar, hemlock, and Douglas fir. Browse all our tree and leaf gifts here:


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Seahorse Facts

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Seahorses breathe with gills and  use a swim bladder to control their buoyancy. They are classified as “bony fish,” along with tuna and cod. While they have no tail fins (like other fish that are better swimmers), they have four other fins that they use to get around – one at the base of the tail, one under the belly, and one behind each cheek. Seahorses are not, however, very good swimmers.


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As barely mediocre swimmers, seahorses prefer to stay stationary (or as stationary as possible in the ocean’s motion). They tread water by beating their tiny fins rapidly or hook their tails onto seaweed to hold their bodies in place in the currents.


Seahorses can be found around the world. They thrive in tropical and temperate water, and love living in and among coral reefs, seagrasses, and mangrove forests. There are 53 different species of seahorses according to the world registry of Marine Species.

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